Return to Kcynia

Professor Czochralski was deeply embittered and decided to return to his native Kcynia. With his family he founded a drug company BION produc ing different types of cosmetics and household chemicals. In this way the circle closed – Jan Czochralski returned to Kcynia and to the chemistry of drugs and pharmacy. On 22 April 1953 he died of heart disease and was buried in Kcynia.

Professor Jan Czochralski’s life was colorful and tragic. He was an eminent scientist, both as an observer and a practitioner in the area of pure and technical sciences, and a humanist with wide interests. He wrote sci entific papers as well as poetry and helped the industry as well as young artists. He was widely known before World War II, but was than forgot-ten. Some people considered him dry, selfish and uncaring (because he was demanding and secretive) while others were fascinated by his charming smile and faith in a mankind. .

Thus, from different sources emerges a picture of complete contradiction. However, there is no doubt that he remains in history as a great Polish scientist whose name is well known in the present day crystallography, materials science and electronics. For this reason the Tenth European Crystallographic Meeting, organized in Wrocław in 1986, was dedicated to Professor Jan Czochralski to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the discovery of the Czochralski method. Since its foundation in 1991, the Polish Society for Crystal Growth commemorates him in the form of Czochralski Lecture, which is delivered as the opening lecture of every Polish Crystal Growth Conference by a distinguished scientist with recognized contributions in crystal growth related fields. Recently, this Society changed his name to Czochralski Polish Society for Crystal Growth.