In Frankfurt on Mein

In 1917 Jan Czochralski moved to Frankfurt on Mein and, combining scientific research with workshop efforts, organized the Laboratory of Metal Science of the Metali Gesellschaft A.G. Several valuable scientific papers and patents were developed there. Among the patents was the highly famous patent on a tin-free bearing alloy for railways, called metal B, patented in 1924 and bought by many countries of the world including the USA, France and England. He also pioneered investigations of the anisotropy of the hardness of single crystals (works between 1913 and 1923), which are of great importance for the plastic treatment of materials.

Czochralski wrote two handbooks: Lagermetale und ihre technolo-gische Bewertung [Bearing metal and its technological evaluation] (co-authored with G. Welter, 1920,1924) and Modernę Metallkunde in Theorie und Praxis [Modern metal science in theory and practice] (1924), which were later translated into several languages.

Many Czochralski’s works were military secrets (later even in Poland) have never been published. It is known, however, that during this Frankfurt period he authored reports containing of more than two thousand pages.

In 1919 Jan Czochralski with a few friends founded the German Society for Metals Science (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Metallkunde) and in 1925 became its president. He was also a honorary member of the Institute of Metals in London.