On 22nd April 2018 will be the 65thanniversary of the death of Prof. Jan Czochralski – famous Polish scientist from the first half of the past XXth century. During his life Czochralski was a well-known metallurgist, chemist, materials science man and he invented several new research methods, patents etc. Now, in the time of electronic revolution, Prof. Czochralski is known mainly from his excellent and world wide used method of single crystal growing, named as “Czochralski method” and published 102 years ago.

Jan Czochralski was born in a small Polish town Kcynia lying between Poznań and Bydgoszcz. He spent his scientific life in Berlin and Frankfurt on Main (Germany) and in Warsaw (Poland) creating in the two latter towns the well equipped research and technical laboratories. After the World War II he returned to native Kcynia. There he died and was buried in the Old Cemetery and forgotten by almost all the people.

Fortunately, the use of his method of measuring the velocity of crystallization as a method suitable for growing of semi conducting single crystals gave to Czochralski the significant position in the science and technology. His name was associated forever with this method. But only several years ago Czochralski was recognized as a person and rediscovered for people within the world.

I believe now, that the name of Czochralski will not be a simple word with any reference to specific person.